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I am Nassera, an actress who has an exotic background from her parents who emigrated from Kabylia Mountains in North Africa to France in the 1950s. I was born in the Nanterre slums of Paris, and I have lived most of my childhood in the Paris projects. I am the youngest of 12 children. One of my brothers is a musician, and he has created a Multicultural Foundation for kids living in the projects. My brother’s pursuits in music gave me the passion for theater, dance, music, and art. I have performed in different schools in the suburbs and countryside of France. At 13 years, I had started earning some money and maturing up in the adult world as an apprentice in the beauty industry. As a young adult, I was modeling for designers and photographers in Paris. I later got my diploma, and pursued a great, long-term career as a hairstylist colorist. I have managed several hair salons in the four corners of the capital of Paris. In 2001, I moved to the United States of America and worked for a famous French hairstylist in New York. I owned a Hair Studio for 10 years in Hell's Kitchen Midtown Manhattan, NY. I

also work backstage for fashion shows and photography. New York City is hand down the best place to polish your artistry , classes and workshops for TV film, stage  or any creating projects I will always be grateful to be part of it by contributing my acting skills, my easy to work with , my professionalism and Commitment.



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